Friday, May 21, 2010

Cartola F.C

Cartola is a way for you to create your own football team online. It was created by SporTV and can be found in In Cartola you buy players from any team in the "Campeonato Brasileiro", and depending on how they play you earn more points or lose points. This is updated for every round of the "Campeonato", so it depends on whether the players you have on your team scored goals, made good passes, stealed the ball,and many other factors. Basically by playing very well the players will earn more points and consequently their price goes up, and you earn more money. You can even create your own football club name, crest, and colors. In the cartola you can also create leagues for you an dyour friends to compete and see who has the best team in cartola. Its really cool.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Can Walk on Water

Liquid Montaineering is a new sport, which is no more than walking on water. It's trying to accomplish what men have tried for centuries. Questioning Jesus himself, this new sport will probably grow extremely fast. Liquid Montaineerin seems easy, but it requires a specific technique. You must first pick up a lot of speed on land, and then enter the water in a curved motion, forming an arc. The water of course must be at the same level as the land so that you can step right into it. It also requires a completely water proof shoe, and once you take your first step into the water you must continue walking in the same rythem. It is not really walking on water because this cannot be done, but running on water is physically possible. Some say that this is complete nonsense and nothing but another illusion or computer trick. I like to believe it's real because running on water would be incredibly cool. If proved to be true it will also raise some questions about Jesus walking on water but this is all very debatable. See Liquid Mountaineering for yourself in this video and come up with your own opinon about this new sport.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite Post..Sports

Title: Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is an adventure race which involves four different sports. They are: trekking, mountain bike, rapel, and rafting. It's an exilarating experience. To enter you must form teams of four with at least one person of the different sex. There are different categories for different ages. The race is on a Sunday and it happens four times a year, always in different places around São Paulo. Their usually is one race that takes place at the beach. The night before they give you a map for you to plot the checkpoints you must go through. And then Sunday morning the race starts and your by yourself with your team using a compass and the map to guide your way through the forests, rivers and mountains. At some point in the race your team will have to do a rapel and at another point rafting. The night before you usually take your bycicles to a checkpoint so that the next day when you pass there you get them and use them in some legs of the race. The race for my age is around 35 and 45 kilometers total and for the adults its around 50 and 60 kilometers. You start the race at 8 am and usually only arrive between 1 and 4 pm, if you don't get lost. When you arrive your usually covered in mud and exhausted, and many arrive hurt. In the race you also have to take a backpack with food and water for you to eat during the race or else you wont make it. I have participated in this race about 15 times. But have won it only once and got third and second about five times. The prizes are usually pretty good, such as bycicles, tenis shoes and other small prizes. It is hard to describe this race so if you want more information go to its web site here. here.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dunga's Last Call

The time is near, and Dunga must choose 23 brazilian players to go to the 2010 South Africa World Cup.
Here's who I think he should take:

Goalies: Julio Ceasar, Gomes

Defense: Lucio, Juan, Luisao, Thiago Silva

Wings: Maicon, Daniel Alves, Marcelo

Defensive Midfielders: Gilberto Silva, Denilson, Felipe Melo

Attacking Midfielders: Kaka, Ganso, Ronaldinho (can also play as a striker), Elano, Diego

Strikers: Luis Fabiano, Robinho, Nilmar, Adriano

Defensive Midfielder suggestions???????

Friday, April 23, 2010

Neymar's Second Chance

The football star Neymar from Santos will have a second chance to show his skills during a tournament final. In 2009 he had the oppurtunity to play the Paulista final against Corinthians and did not have a good performance. During both final games he made little contribution, and Santos ended up loosing for Corinthians. During this he was 17 years old, and now with still only 18 Neymar has improved a lot and said that he feels more prepared for a final. He is considered the best football player at the moment in Brazil, and is even being considered to go to the South Africa World Cup. Neymar also affirms that the whole team is better prepared then last year, complimenting his teammates effort: Marquinhos, Robinho, Andre, Arouca, and of course the midfield master Paulo Henrique Ganso. Santos will play the tournament final against Santo André in two games, both taking place in Pacaembu. The first game will be this Sunday at 16h, and the second game is next Sunday May 2nd, at the same time. These will both be great games, because whoever's been seeing Santos games, has been seeing beautiful football, and all the players have been playing with great determination. I have no doubt that they want this trophey a lot, especially the upcoming players, such as Neymar, and Paulo Henrique Ganso.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pelé x Messi

This comparison cannot exist yet. Some football fans are comparing the best football player in history, Pelé, to the best football player at the moment, Messi. Messi is a fantastic, outstanding player no doubt but he is not the best in history.He could be because he is only 22 still but I doubt that he will be better then Pelé. Pelé gave an interview yeaterday joking with the argentinians. He said that once the argentinians decide who is their best player of the century (Maradona or Messi), then when an argentinian makes one thousand goals like Pelé did, then they can do a comparison with him. After this joke Pelé began analyzing and complementing the football Messi has been presenting. He admires Messi quite a lot, and always knew he would be the world's best. Pelé just hopes Messi can show his talent during the world cup playing for Argentina, because he has not been playing as well in the national team like he does in Barcelona.
I in the other hand hopes he doesn't play so well or else if Brazil encounter's Argentina, Lúcio the brazilian defender will have a hard time. But I know Lúcio wouldn't let Messi dribble him so easily.... the ball or Messi can pass but not both.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ganso....Neymar .....2010 World Cup?

I say YES to Paulo Henrique Ganso in South Africa. He already is a mature and phenomenol player. Just looking at him during the games you can see how focused he is always with a serious look on his face. His brilliant passes and goals are getting everyone's attention, and in my opinion he is the main cause that Santos is doing so well in the Paulista. For me he is the best player in Santos at the moment. Many football fans are thinking Kaka the brazilian star may not do so well in the World Cup, so its essential that he has an exceptional replacement. So along with Ramires and perhaps Julio Baptist, I think Dunga should take Ganso. He has such a privileged view of the game, that many desire, and can be very helpful at South Africa. Ganso really deserves an oppurtunity after his dedication here in Brazil, and many other coaches agree. I dont think Neymar should go because he hasnt been playing for a while and I think Ganso is more objective in field then Neymar. Neymar has to mature a little more, then he should be considered to go to South Africa. In terms of football skill Neymar and Ganso are about the same. I hope Dunga is watching what Ganso's been doing in Brazil, and realize what a hard time he could give to Portugal's defense.