Friday, May 21, 2010

Cartola F.C

Cartola is a way for you to create your own football team online. It was created by SporTV and can be found in In Cartola you buy players from any team in the "Campeonato Brasileiro", and depending on how they play you earn more points or lose points. This is updated for every round of the "Campeonato", so it depends on whether the players you have on your team scored goals, made good passes, stealed the ball,and many other factors. Basically by playing very well the players will earn more points and consequently their price goes up, and you earn more money. You can even create your own football club name, crest, and colors. In the cartola you can also create leagues for you an dyour friends to compete and see who has the best team in cartola. Its really cool.

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  1. Sounds like all of the fantasy sports that are so popular in the States (especially American football). I think Mr. Feitosa was a part of two different leagues this year.

    Do you have a team? And are you part of a league? Do they do anything special for the World Cup?